Once again, HE DID IT!!! I've met so many wonderful people along this journey through God's Divine Connections. Words can not express the joy I feel. In Christ, He keeps on giving; it's not just a one-day event! We have seen His Glory, the Glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14

One of my families shared a story with me that I believe many can relate too. Mr. Landry's family was selected as one of our Angel Wing's family. He shared how humbling this experience has been for him, his wife, and their family. They were use to being the Givers and not the on the receiving end. They usually adopt a family to help during this time of season. Now they are in position that has taught them how to receive God's blessing when He sends help in a time of trouble. A family from Mississippi (complete strangers) showed up at their home when they were going through the process of gutting their home. They didn't know how this family found them. The minister told him that God sent him to help his family. Mr. Landry was very hesitant to receive the man's offer because he was not accustomed to this way of life. The minister told him, how he heard of him. Mr. Landry's brother attended their church in MS. He told the minister what his brother was dealing with here in LA due to the flood. The minister encouraged Mr. Landry to always receive God's blessing when He sends someone to help you. He said "never hinder the person doing the giving by rejecting his or her blessing to you from God." When you do, you may interfere with God's blessings for that person because of their obedience. Mr. Landry was pushing back tears while saying "he is so humble and thankful for everything everyone has done." Now he can receive with gladness and tears of joy. They are still waiting on their FEMA trailer but they got God and each other!

Another dear friend I met later that night as sponsor for one of our Angel Wings family, put it another way that I love. Mrs. Terri Franklin and I were having a conversation very similar to understanding the laws and principles of Giving and Receiving. And she said she has always believed in these 2 words that speaks mountains, "Bless and Release!!!" When you Bless Others, God Releases His Blessings to You!!! And that's what many of you have done in various communities from all over the country. We appreciate your heart to give to others!!! May God continue to bless each of you and may your New Year be prosperous!!!

God Bless, 
Stefanie CEO/President