People of Purpose CDC helps youth and families in transition resolve challenges with family, life, and finances to achieve success in every area of life. We offer youth development, social services, education, healthy living, community service, and outreach that meet the needs of the whole family to live a better life. 

Since 2007, People of Purpose started out as a nonprofit organization doing volunteer work in Alabama serving teenage mothers and their children through partnership with Birmingham City Schools. Then we transitioned in 2010 to expand services in Mississippi to become a community organization. We continued our work in several communities partnering with city government, churches, and other nonprofits to serve primarily youth and families. We believe that every person has a purpose in life and have the choice of walking in their divine destiny. In 2014, we became a nonprofit with a 501c3 status in Baton Rouge, Louisiana so that we can continue to serve individuals and families in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. The design for this organization has been very strategic in providing services in three of the poorest states of our country, where services are needed most. We know our work is in our homeland, our states, our cities, our communities, and our homes. Our purpose is to be a present help to those in need during their time of crisis or life challenges to guide and empower individuals and families through their journey towards sustainable change to fight urban poverty and improve economic opportunities for all.



People of Purpose provides support through economic opportunities and wealth building that creates opportunities that break the system of survival due to reoccurring obstacles, generational, and situational poverty to overcome life challenge and be successful in every area of life. People of Purpose assert that this organization exists to ensure that all human beings have the chance to realize their fullest potential and fulfill their purpose in matter what the obstacle, no matter what the challenge

Someone encouraged me during a critical time and transition in my life. They motivated me to never give up on my dreams because I was equipped with everything I “need to succeed.” Regardless of life challenges, I realized my assignment was to fulfill my purpose through the origination of People of Purpose to help others along their journey to discover their destiny.

I believe in being the “Heart and Hands of God” to help others in need and fulfill their purpose in life.
— Stefanie Ashford, CEO


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What We've Achieved

  • Served over 12,000 or more families with supportive services and resources. 
  • Provided youth development and leadership programs for 1,500 youth.
  • Employed 150 youth during the Y.E.S. summer employment program.
  • Provide summer camp for 200 youth and scholarships for 60 youth to help working families and families in transition or need.
  • Helped 25 individuals with small business development and entrepreneurship.
  • Conducted over 7,500 hours of life coaching/counseling to youth and families. 
  • Feed over 1,500 children and youth in our programs. 
  • Completed over 10,000 volunteer hours that was served by over 300 volunteers. 
  • Worked with over 25 communities and 5 city governments to improve social, physical, education, and economic opportunities for the underserved. 
  • Provide result-driven services in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama with opportunities for growth and expansion to other states.