Impacting positive and lasting change in our homes, schools, communities and our families in every area of life to promote a successful transition in life. 

People of Purpose CDC serves as a central hub for youth and families to receive immediate access to services that meets the needs of the whole family. The program provides positive youth development, in-home family services, and economic support through a holistic approach to encourage positive change through effective interventions of interpersonal and cross-system interactions which includes the individual, family, community, church, school, and peers. Throughout the course of the program we assess the fit to identify the problems so that each individual will make an effort to rebuild both a sense of self and the mechanics of life by examining the full scope of his or her condition. Together we develop a plan emphasizing problem solving that is present focused and action oriented that address the family's needs in every area of life as well as the family’s environment and social situation through cross-system therapy and principles to produce positive outcome.


Y.E.S! Youth employment services 

Y.E.S! is a project of Y.T.A. serving youth age 14-25 committed to expanding opportunities for youth by offering work readiness skills to obtain workplace experience, further their career goals, and gain entrepreneurship skills. The goal of Y.E.S. is to enhance the employment and educational opportunities for youth through work readiness training and job placement to expose young people to high-demand, living wage jobs through education and work experience. We promote education and jobs opportunities in STEM through our job shadowing program for youth with interest in STEM careers and the industry.   


Y.T.A. Youth taking authority

Y.T.A. embraces the young generation, educate, and empower them through positive youth and leadership development that leads to life-changing experiences. We serve all youth dealing with being irresponsible, violence, runaway and homeless, delinquent and behavioral problems at home, school, and in the community. We provide intensive individual and family care that addresses every area of the youth life through evidence based cross-systems therapy. Become a YTA Mentor for our kids or serve as volunteers for our YTA Summer Camp. For more information, check out our website on 



MOMS & More is a comprehensive program for pregnant and parenting young mothers and women of child bearing age through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We offer supportive services including childcare, counseling, education and prevention that nurtures the whole family with emotional, health and wellness, and financial support. We also provides services for women and children in need of services for mental health, rape, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, domestic violence, and homelessness.


divine connections

Divine Connections empowers individuals and families during life's transitions and unexpected crisis to thrive not just survive. Transition Helpers empowers and connects with families based on identified strengths, life's experiences, and offers life transition planning and intervention support to help the individual or family overcome life's challenges that brings the "whole family together."