Together in Partnership with Nourishing Louisiana!!!

We did it! 345 plates of hot, delicious Thanksgiving Dinners!! in partnership with Nourishing Louisiana. They called it, "The Last Supper!" We want to thank them for their time, effort, resources, and family commitment to give and feed families in a time of need by being a Present Help Partner!!! We delivered meals to Denham Springs, Port Vincent, and the Baton Rouge area including hotels. We had several families come in to eat or came by to pick up plates for their families and received food, bread, clothes, and goodie bags for the kids!!! This has been a great journey for our organization in partnership with Nourishing Louisiana and we will work with them again in the future! 

Together in partnership with Nourishing Louisiana for 3 and ½ months, we have helped them serve 3,650 meals. Yet overall, our organization have helped serve and deliver meals to over 10,500 families affected by the flood. We will continue to provide services to our youth and families in need, transition, and affected by the flood. Our organization didn't begin as a result of the flood, we have provided services for youth and families in 3 states including Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama for over a decade. And we will continue to serve and help our families here affected by the flood for at least a year. People of Purpose provides supportive services to include social services, youth services, family services, community organizing, education and outreach that creates opportunities to break the system of survival due to reoccurring obstacles, generational, and situational poverty to overcome life challenge and be successful in every area of life. People of Purpose assert that this organization exists to ensure that all human beings have the chance to realize their fullest potential and fulfill their purpose in matter what the obstacle, no matter what the challenge.

God Bless, Stefanie!