Present Help is a community partnership that connects, equips, and change people lives. We promote community organizing through collaboration of services and resources for those in need of help in times of trouble dealing discouragement, hopelessness, and being overwhelmed with unexpected life situations or crisis through a network of a diverse group of individuals, businesses, ministries, and churches of various faith. The collaborative efforts provides resources, collects and distributes money to provide human services to some of the neediest citizens of our area who have been screened by our Transition Coordinators. Through our "Foot Soliders" we offer community service to help impact change in people's lives and for every person we've helped we encourage them to give back through opportunities to serve others.   

Present Help is calling on people in the community to empower others through their work for their city. Empowering these leaders to get “off the bench and into the game” has the potential to connect people with opportunities to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana and beyond.

This partnership through POP CDC will serve as a central hub that will offer immediate Access To Services through a a centralized database system for all program partners to assess in regards to the potential individuals and families to serve in their area. The program provides quality service through a wholistic approach to encourage positive change through effective interventions of interpersonal and cross-system interactions which includes the individual, family, community, church, school, and peers. Throughout the course of the program, each individual will make an effort to rebuild both a sense of self and the mechanics of life by examining the full scope of his or her condition, including spiritually, emotionally, financial stability, physical health as well as the family’s environment and social situation.  

Get involved, become a Present Help Partner and work beyond the walls of your organization to serve others in your community. For more information, contact Coalition Organizer Stefanie Ashford at