Divine Connections offers life transition coaching and intervention support for those who are dealing with life challenges. We are bridging the gap by getting our hands dirty to touch the lives of people in our communities, our churches, our homes, our schools, and on our jobs that need help in their current situation. 

We offer services for those who are going through transition in their life as it relates to marriage and relationships, life balances, career, finances, health, and spirituality. The program is designed to give purpose and direction for those who are motivated for change to live a balanced life.

We have empowerment workshops and offer life coaching support for anyone experiencing these issues and need help discovering their purpose and balancing life. If you need help or guidance in restoration of a marriage, relationship building, balancing life, changing careers, and improving health, the connect group will intervene to help strengthen and support you during your times of weakness, confusion, and transition for a better life. 

We are seeking individuals who are willing to serve as Transition Helper. Volunteer hours are available for interns. Training is provided.

Divine Connections Retreat and Gatherings

Divine Connections Retreat and Gatherings