THANKS to the HEART OF TX and Catholic Charities!

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People of Purpose is a nonprofit charitable organization that helps families in transition resolve challenges in their family, life, and finances. We are partnering with Catholic Charities to continue supporting family in needs and affected by the flood that are rebuilding their lives. We provide food, clothing, baby supplies, hygiene products, household, and building supplies to assist the families we serve. The staff from Catholic Charities wanted to show their appreciation to our organization for being a reliable resource and partner to help the families they serve. Thanks to Catholic Charities for volunteering the last 2 weeks and also on tomorrow to help us get our new donation center ready to open this Saturday for the community!



Thanks to our new friends from Missionpalooza 2017 of Texas that are here and we are so excited to welcome them to P.O.P. as they volunteer and make a difference in the lives of our Youth & community! #service #serve. This week their missionary team have over 200 people from TX in our city of Baton Rouge. And more than 60 of them are helping People of Purpose with community service projects including helping with our summer camp, organizing our donation center and food pantry, home repair for flood victims, painting our partner charter school, and working on a mural in remembrance of the August flood that changed the lives of many in our city. They are an awesome group of young people that are working hard to make a difference! We are in the process of becoming a partner with the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank to continue serving more food to people in need in our communities. Currently due to such the high demand from our families in need, our pantry is in need of can goods this week and food to serve our families until we have completed the process. Our current supplier isn't able to give as much as they use to which is why we need your help temporarily!!! If you can donate any food or canned goods please stop by our office this week so we can restock or reorganize our food pantry! We are having a "Treasure Sale" this week Tuesday-Friday 9am-2pm. Proceeds will go towards our after-school education program & new building expansion fund. Visit us at 5500 Stumberg Lane, Building #2 Baton Rouge, LA. Please share this post and tag someone!


Mural of The Flood 2016.jpg

Mural of the Flood 2016

Missionpalooza, TX and YTA kids