POP has launched PRESENT HELP DONATION SITE in response to the recent flood disaster that has affected our communities, city, and state of Louisiana. We are operating a Donation Site for Flood Victims in this area located at the Cross of Glory Fellowship Hall at 5500 Stumberg Lane. We need volunteers to help organize, sort, and assist victims with receiving donations when they come to the center. If you have a special request, please let us know people via email at People are willing to be your "PRESENT HELP" in a Time of Need. We have received donations from the community and states in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, and Canada.

This is not a temporary assignment for our organization. Our mission is to help families in transition resolve challenges in their life, family, and finances. We realize that people have lost everything and are rebuilding from the ground up. It's time for us as a community and country to be their foundation and help rebuild the lives of these families in our city!

Next to the Donation Center, the Y.T.A. Learning and Youth Center is offering FREE childcare/babysitting services for those flood victims as well while they rebuild their lives to help relieve not only the financial burden and have a safe, nurturing environment that will feed and care for their children.

Donations accepted here to help purchase new items and needs of the families. We also need donations to help sponsor a child or a family to assist with childcare.  

For a list of donations needed, click here.....

For more information contact us at 877-742-7484 or 225-753-5133.