Bossy Young Entrepreneurs (BYE) of YTA (Youth Taking Authority) participated in LOUISIANA LEMONADE DAY hosted by Raising Cane's. The name of their stand is BYE LEMONADE! Our entrepreneurs program prepares the young minds of our youth to understand business and how to make money as an entrepreneur based on the things they love. We help every child tap into their passion and talents during this class. Thanks for all the supporters in front of Winn Dixie at our Bossy Young Entrepreneurs (BYE) last Saturday from 8 am – 1 pm. We had a yard sale to include toys, kid’s clothes, and more for sale. Their slogan is: BYE Lemonade! I just can't get enough!!! For more info to get involved with our entrepreneurship program, please contact us at 877-742-7487 or info@popcdc.com.