Van Donation Needed for YTA Afterschool Program

People of Purpose Community Development Corporation is a tax exempt nonprofit 501c3 organization that helps youth and families in transition resolve life challenges in their family, life, and finances to achieve success in every area of life. We offer social services, education, and healthy lifestyles that meet the needs of the whole family.

YTA (Youth Taking Authority) is our youth program that provides positive youth development services including the arts, athletics, after-school and Saturday programs, summer enrichment camps, summer employment, education, leadership development, and young entrepreneurship classes that prepare and equip youth as future leaders to DARE TO DREAM!

Our new CyberPlay Café Afterschool program provides digital learning for school age youth in the East Baton Rouge area. The goal is to prepare children through digital learning for college, work and life. We provide homework help, tutoring, and mentors for kids in our program. 

We had a van temporarily that someone was kind of enough to provide their services as an in kind donation. Now we are in need of a van to continue providing transportation for our youth we serve from 5 different schools. We have volunteers and tutors from the community, local artists, parents, and LSU students that are investing their time to help our youth excel academically, improve their grades in school, and improve their behavior at school, home, and the community through nurturing, positive reinforcements. 

Currently, our staff is helping by using their vehicles to ensure that our kids get to our center to learn and have fun in a positive environment. We are growing and need a van to accommodate the number of kids we serve. Through our youth programs, we foster a commitment to our youth that facilitate opportunities for youth to achieve their educational goals and achieve success in every area of life. 

We would greatly appreciate your contribution of a donation of any amount to help us reach our goal. If you would like to donate so you can receive a tax deductible donation letter, please contact us. Thanks for your willingness to give by making an impact to give back!