Thanks for Giving, Dillon & Cameron

Thanks for Giving, Dillon & Cameron

2 Corinthians 9:7 ESV Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

Thanks to these two wonderful children of God from The Vineyard Church of Baton Rouge. They were affected by the Flood 2016 and someone gave to them during a hard time of their lives. God moved on their hearts to give back to others by being a “Present Help in a Time of Need!”

We appreciate every gift, we receive and we need your support with our mission to help families recover from natural disasters. Our teams are on the ground assessing various territories for needs. We are focusing on 10 communities in the SW LA and TX areas which are Deridder, LA and Lake Charles, LA; Orange County, Beaumont, Hamshire, Winnie, Wharton County, Corpus Christi, Houston, and Pasadena, TX. Our partnership with the National Association Christian Church of Disaster Services has delivered an 18-wheeler load of supplies to the Houston, Corpus Christi, and Pasadena area. Jerrie Williams (Community Partner), Twice Exceptional School of Possibilities has delivered supplies and provided volunteer services to the Deridder and Lake Charles area. And Starla Arceneaux, (Volunteer) for Present Help is heading to Beaumont, Hamshire, and Winnie TX on Thursday with supplies and to serve.

Based on our assessment of needs, the following request have been made during the initial phase:
• New Underwear and Socks (Men, Women, & Children)
• New Towels (face, hand, and bath)
• Cases of Water
• Depends (S, M, L, XL)
• Brooms
• Mops
• Mask
• Gloves
• Cleaning Supplies
• Mold Killer
• Cases of Canned Meat and/or Tuna
• Cases of Vegetables and/or Fruits
• Peanut Butter
• Jelly
• Mayonnaise, Mustard, Ketchup
• Cases of Noodles
• Cases of Chips
• All nonperishable items
• Can Openers

Our services require manpower and financial support from supporters that want to get involved in a movement that is a “Present Help, Service Above Self!” Give Today, so We Can Do More Together!!! Give $10, $20, $50 or more at to help us be the hands and heart of Jesus. Thanks for your consideration and all you do!

God Bless, 
Stefanie Ashford, CEO
People of Purpose Community Development Corporation


Life of Purpose Speaker Flyer 2017.jpg


Connecting Others, Growing Together, & Living a Life of Purpose

Celebrating 10 Years of Service

Come HEAR Our Story, LEARN From Our Journey, & DISCOVER Your Purpose

This ReTreat is for those seeking your purpose in life and are feeling stuck, stagnant, or just unsure of how to get there. You have a dream in your heart but can't see the vision clearly. You got the potential but lack the faith. You have been struggling to get there and want to give up. Don't Give Up, just Get Up, and "Make It Happen!"

This 2 day event includes an All White Gala & Silent Auction and Educational Conference. It will give you the opportunity to MEET others who are searching for their purpose in life. NETWORK with those who are on this path to live a life of purpose. GAIN knowledge and power to UNLIMIT YOURSELF!!! No Fear, All Faith to Fulfill Your Purpose!

Life of Purpose, L3C is an entity of People of Purpose that helps you Live your True Identity through a Life of Purpose! We welcome all to attend, spaces are limited to ensure each individual receive the hands on interaction and a personal experince to work as a team with a plan of action to Go, Get Your Blessings because it's Your Time!!! "Make It Happen!" Live a Life of Purpose, UnLimit Yourself!!!

Thanks to the Men of Alpha Tau Omega for serving as our host/servers for the All White Gala event.

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THANKS to the HEART OF TX and Catholic Charities!

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People of Purpose is a nonprofit charitable organization that helps families in transition resolve challenges in their family, life, and finances. We are partnering with Catholic Charities to continue supporting family in needs and affected by the flood that are rebuilding their lives. We provide food, clothing, baby supplies, hygiene products, household, and building supplies to assist the families we serve. The staff from Catholic Charities wanted to show their appreciation to our organization for being a reliable resource and partner to help the families they serve. Thanks to Catholic Charities for volunteering the last 2 weeks and also on tomorrow to help us get our new donation center ready to open this Saturday for the community!



Thanks to our new friends from Missionpalooza 2017 of Texas that are here and we are so excited to welcome them to P.O.P. as they volunteer and make a difference in the lives of our Youth & community! #service #serve. This week their missionary team have over 200 people from TX in our city of Baton Rouge. And more than 60 of them are helping People of Purpose with community service projects including helping with our summer camp, organizing our donation center and food pantry, home repair for flood victims, painting our partner charter school, and working on a mural in remembrance of the August flood that changed the lives of many in our city. They are an awesome group of young people that are working hard to make a difference! We are in the process of becoming a partner with the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank to continue serving more food to people in need in our communities. Currently due to such the high demand from our families in need, our pantry is in need of can goods this week and food to serve our families until we have completed the process. Our current supplier isn't able to give as much as they use to which is why we need your help temporarily!!! If you can donate any food or canned goods please stop by our office this week so we can restock or reorganize our food pantry! We are having a "Treasure Sale" this week Tuesday-Friday 9am-2pm. Proceeds will go towards our after-school education program & new building expansion fund. Visit us at 5500 Stumberg Lane, Building #2 Baton Rouge, LA. Please share this post and tag someone!


Mural of The Flood 2016.jpg

Mural of the Flood 2016

Missionpalooza, TX and YTA kids


YTA “Dare 2 Dream” Summer Camp teaches enrichment, education, and leadership development. We introduce academics, character development, social etiquette, healthy selfie, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, cultural arts, creative writing, sports and recreation. A variety of community role models who will share their own passion and love for kids to inspire the next generation of leaders. Students practice reading, strategic thinking and memorization skills. Develop musical awareness, gain self-confidence, learn to work together as a team and explore their own self-expression. Students discover their talents, take their techniques beyond the classroom, and have a fun, rewarding experience that will last a lifetime.

During the summer, 1 out of 8 kids do not eat properly creating a learning gap due to malnutrition at the start of the school year. Nearly 80% of low income children spend their summer days at home, not in an organized program that offer meals. Kids have trouble getting to summer meal sites due to transportation. Our camp provides transportation to a safe place with food for kids in need to learn and grow mentally, emotionally, and physically.



Exceed Above Your Expectations....

2nd Annual Crawfish & Cock-Tales for a Cause!

Thanks to Brandon Hampton of Hampton's Collision Center for sponsoring our Annual Crawfish & Cock-Tales for a Cause! to help support our youth in our Dare 2 Dream Summer Camp! We gathered together, fellowship, played games, danced, and ate plenty of good crawfish. Our youth showcased their talents to our family, friends, and supporters. Funds raised will be used to help our families in need of scholarship assistance due to financial hardship. This summer we will be able to help 10 kids attend summer camp based on family income eligibility.   

People of Purpose Annual Summary Report 2016



People of Purpose Community Development Corporation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that helps families in transition resolve challenges with family, life, and finances. Our services include social service, education, and healthy lifestyles that changes the mind, will, and direction of families for a better life.

2016 has been an extraordinary year for People of Purpose. We have made connections with partners including other nonprofit organization, businesses, churches, and individuals that support the mission of our organization from various states throughout the country. The flood of August 2016 enabled us to reach out into the community and make a lasting impact in the lives we touched. We helped families affected by flood by providing donations including clothes, food, and housing building supplies to help rebuild our city! And we will continue the journey with them until the job is complete. 

The unexpected growth in the numbers of families that we served was a breakthrough moment for our organization serving over 12,000 families. Our desire is to help families in need overcome poverty, economic challenges they are facing by providing opportunities and resources to gain stability in their lives. Our annual report gives details about our services, who we serve, and our plans for the future through effective leadership and partnerships with other organizations and businesses. Your help matters!!! We need your financial support to continue the great work we do in the community.


Click here to view our P.O.P. Annual Summary Report                                                                   Click here to view our P.O.P. 2017 Sponsorship Opportunities

For more info: 877-742-7487 or


Greetings My Friend,

People of Purpose Community Development Corporation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that helps youth and families in transition resolve challenges in their family, life, and finances to achieve success in every area of life.

We are $6,000 away from reaching our year-end goal. You can help us meet our goal and increase services offered to youth and families in need.

Your gift of $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can give, will go far in reaching out to help families we serve here in Louisiana. All gifts received by midnight on December 31 are tax deductible for the 2016 tax year. We appreciate you extending your hands and heart to support the mission of our organization.


Faith Matters: Serving a purpose | Terry Robinson | theadvocate.com

Give online at or contact us at 877-742-7487. Our mailing address is 5500 Stumberg Lane, Blding #2, Baton Rouge, LA 70816.

Happy New Year! 2017!!! 
Stefanie Ashford, CEO/President


Once again, HE DID IT!!! I've met so many wonderful people along this journey through God's Divine Connections. Words can not express the joy I feel. In Christ, He keeps on giving; it's not just a one-day event! We have seen His Glory, the Glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14

One of my families shared a story with me that I believe many can relate too. Mr. Landry's family was selected as one of our Angel Wing's family. He shared how humbling this experience has been for him, his wife, and their family. They were use to being the Givers and not the on the receiving end. They usually adopt a family to help during this time of season. Now they are in position that has taught them how to receive God's blessing when He sends help in a time of trouble. A family from Mississippi (complete strangers) showed up at their home when they were going through the process of gutting their home. They didn't know how this family found them. The minister told him that God sent him to help his family. Mr. Landry was very hesitant to receive the man's offer because he was not accustomed to this way of life. The minister told him, how he heard of him. Mr. Landry's brother attended their church in MS. He told the minister what his brother was dealing with here in LA due to the flood. The minister encouraged Mr. Landry to always receive God's blessing when He sends someone to help you. He said "never hinder the person doing the giving by rejecting his or her blessing to you from God." When you do, you may interfere with God's blessings for that person because of their obedience. Mr. Landry was pushing back tears while saying "he is so humble and thankful for everything everyone has done." Now he can receive with gladness and tears of joy. They are still waiting on their FEMA trailer but they got God and each other!

Another dear friend I met later that night as sponsor for one of our Angel Wings family, put it another way that I love. Mrs. Terri Franklin and I were having a conversation very similar to understanding the laws and principles of Giving and Receiving. And she said she has always believed in these 2 words that speaks mountains, "Bless and Release!!!" When you Bless Others, God Releases His Blessings to You!!! And that's what many of you have done in various communities from all over the country. We appreciate your heart to give to others!!! May God continue to bless each of you and may your New Year be prosperous!!!

God Bless, 
Stefanie CEO/President

Together in Partnership with Nourishing Louisiana!!!

We did it! 345 plates of hot, delicious Thanksgiving Dinners!! in partnership with Nourishing Louisiana. They called it, "The Last Supper!" We want to thank them for their time, effort, resources, and family commitment to give and feed families in a time of need by being a Present Help Partner!!! We delivered meals to Denham Springs, Port Vincent, and the Baton Rouge area including hotels. We had several families come in to eat or came by to pick up plates for their families and received food, bread, clothes, and goodie bags for the kids!!! This has been a great journey for our organization in partnership with Nourishing Louisiana and we will work with them again in the future! 

Together in partnership with Nourishing Louisiana for 3 and ½ months, we have helped them serve 3,650 meals. Yet overall, our organization have helped serve and deliver meals to over 10,500 families affected by the flood. We will continue to provide services to our youth and families in need, transition, and affected by the flood. Our organization didn't begin as a result of the flood, we have provided services for youth and families in 3 states including Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama for over a decade. And we will continue to serve and help our families here affected by the flood for at least a year. People of Purpose provides supportive services to include social services, youth services, family services, community organizing, education and outreach that creates opportunities to break the system of survival due to reoccurring obstacles, generational, and situational poverty to overcome life challenge and be successful in every area of life. People of Purpose assert that this organization exists to ensure that all human beings have the chance to realize their fullest potential and fulfill their purpose in matter what the obstacle, no matter what the challenge.

God Bless, Stefanie!