D2D Summer Camp


D2D Summer Camp



Summer Camps typically starts the day after Memorial Day until the last Friday of July. Camp dates may vary based on the school schedule and/or start date. In some circumstances up until the first week of school, please check calendar or with Program Director. The fee covers the whole summer and payment is expected in full or based on payment arrangements as signed.  

  • Creative Arts & Drama
  • Sports & Recreation
  • STEM
  • Healthy Selfie
  • Good Manners Matter
  • Character Development
  • Peer Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Swimming Class
  • Friday Fun Day & More
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  • We are a nonprofit organization that offers programs and services, we are not at daycare, nor do we operate as one.
  • A completed registration application and fees are required prior to start date. Registration fees are non-refundable. 
  • The program fees are due monthly by the 1st or weekly (every Monday). Late fees may apply.  
  • Pick up is at 5:30 pm. Please communicate if you are running late or late fees may apply. 
  • The fee is the same regardless of the number of days your child attend. Only Exception: If your child attends only 2 days due to a school holiday or out of school sick (with a doctor's excuse) the fee will be $25 per day.
  • Fees maybe required a planned outing or Pizza Party!
  • The Youth and Community Center are closed for certain Holidays to spend time with our families being that we invest so much time with our YTA extended families. We are closed in observance of the Memorial Day and July 4th. 
  • Enrichment classes included leadership development, entrepreneurship, foreign language, arts, dance, music, and athletics. Additional fees apply for our dance, music, and sports program.  
  • Counseling, behavioral interventions, and parenting support is a FREE service to our youth and families we serve. 
  • We encourage parent participation in our family events and fundraising activities to support the work of our organization to help our youth and families.