Give "Hope for the Holidays!"

People of Purpose have several projects to help "Give Hope for the Holidays!" We appreciate your willingness to give hope for the holidays! 

Sunday, November 19

Sunday, November 19


Help "Give Hope for the Holidays!" We are accepting turkey donations to help families in need. People of Purpose in partnership with Nourishing Louisiana and American Red Cross to provide hot meals for families during the holidays! With your help and support, our faithful partner Nourishing Louisiana is preparing our Thanksgiving Dinner  for Sunday, November 19 to help feed over 500 families. To Get Involved, please make a donation online at or complete a request form for service if you know of a family in need of a hot meal for the holidays! Contact us at 877-742-7487 or email at

We need 30 turkeys to prepare our meals by November 15. If you can contribute by donating a turkey(s) or give online by making a donation of $30 or more to help us feed and serve families, we would greatly appreciate whatever you are willing to give.



We are having a Holiday Toy Drive in partnership with Barnes & Nobles. We are collecting new toys for our families affected by the flood. You may purchase books, games, or toys online the from November 18 - 22 online at (Bookfair ID#120455550 or in the store on Nov 18 - 19 located at 2590 Citiplace Court Baton Rouge, LA 70808. Your support will also help our organization raise funds for every purchase that weekend to continue our efforts in supporting and helping families affected by the flood. You may drop off new toys at our POP location at 5605 Stumberg Lane, Baton Rouge, LA 70816 until December 15, 2016. If toys are wrapped please make sure it is marked for a boy or girl. Our goal is to giveaway 300 toys (150 for boys and 150 for girls).  

Saturday, December 16

Saturday, December 16


If you want to help a family during the holidays you may want to participate in our Angel Wings Project to sponsor a family for the Christmas Holidays. As an Angel, you will be matched with a family in need for the holidays who are less fortunate than others, especially the families affected by the flood. A Christmas Wish List will be provided for you. You can give as much or as little as your heart desire to help make a family Christmas bright by being a light! We appreciate your willingness to give hope for the holidays! We would greatly appreciate whatever your heart desires to give. If you are a family in need or want to be considered for a Family Christmas Wish List, click here!