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Complete Application for Scholarship Opportunities Below

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Moms & More provide family-focused services for pregnant or parenting families by providing extended familial support, reduce financial barriers with childcare, help mothers that are overwhelmed dealing with postpartum depression (baby blues), stay at home moms just needing a break and help break the cycle of dependence that is trying to to go to college or re-enter into the workplace. Our goal is to help single or working parents with job retention, promotion, and career changes to provide a better life for their family without financial stress or burdens due to lack of family support. We are their extended family and help in any way we can to cope with life challenges. We encourage and promote ways to build strong and healthy families.


We also have single fathers through our new program Dads Too! which we created due to the high demand and single fathers we've helped and served that are raising children on their own or jointly. 16% of the families we serve are single fathers who need help with childcare through our preschool, after-school care, and tutoring programs. The need a safe place for their children to learn and grow in a nurturing, caring environment that provides the motherly love that their child maybe missing due to the absent of a mother figure or positive female role model.      


Mom's & More Program Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 3 pm                  Learning Center Pre-School Class  $300/month

Monday - Thursday: 9:30 am - 1:30 pm Learning Center Pre-School Class  $200/month

Tuesday and Thursday: 9 am - 3 pm Instructional/Social Interaction  $150/month

Daily Drop Off: $25/day up to 4 hours (only up to 2 days)  

Monday - Friday: After-School Program $50 

Registration Fee: $50  Curriculum Fee: $50

Mom's & More and Dads Too offers a reduced fee to meet your families need.

We offer free or reduced childcare for all eligible households based on income. 


If you are eligible, you must be willing to do the following as a participant:

  • Volunteer a minimum of 2 to 4 hours a month while in the program.
  • Make donations to assist with snack or food for the program your child is in. 
  • Attend education classes including financial education, parenting education, and self-help education classes. 
  • Willingly participate in life coaching and/or counseling that encourages self care and a healthier you for your family or create a blueprint of life's goals to achieve desired outcome and success.   
  • Willingly participate in support groups to encourage and support each other on our journey to wholeness such as Single Focus, ReFit, or MOPS.