Occupational Therapist working one on one to help our kids academically by addressing their disability and showing them their ability to succeed. 

Occupational Therapist working one on one to help our kids academically by addressing their disability and showing them their ability to succeed. 

Youth Taking Authority (Y.T.A.) is an after school and tutoring program of People of Purpose for all school age youth. The goal is to prepare children through digital learning for college, work, and life. We offer youth opportunities to achieve academic success and close the achievement gap by providing academic assistance in Reading, Math, Science, and any other areas of need in the home, school, and community. We have mentors and tutors from LSU, SU, Baton Rouge High, and Catholic High that work one on one with our youth to help them excel academically. We provide services such as transportation, emergency/sick care pick up from school, snacks, arts, athletics, education and enrichment classes. We provide services to students from the following schools. 

Parkview Elementary 

Woodlawn Elementary

Wedgewood Elementary

Shenandoah Elementary

Audubon Elementary

South Baton Rouge Charter Academy

Woodlawn Middle

Woodlawn High


We show appreciation and celebrate all the kids in our program who came to us with only F's and D's, now they have all A's, B's, and C's. We teach our kids to "Excel Above Their Own Expectations!" We thank the parents for their support and involvement with ensuring their children are successful in education. 90% of students in our program are passing and improved their skills in reading and math.

Mark, a 9th grade student was failing in all his classes with F’s and D’s. We tutored him primarily in math and language. After we worked with him on completing assignments and turning in homework. Mark pulled his grades up to all passing with A’s and B’s. We helped the family address problems in the home which were distracting and frustrating to Mark and he couldn’t focus at school. Now Mark is excelling in academics and has a job working part time after school.

Patsy, came to us and could not read. She was in the 2nd grade and reading on a Kindergarten level with very low self-esteem. Now Pat has blossomed and leading our reading group during Harambee Time which is Swahili for “Let’s Pull Together.” Pat can now read proficient on a 2nd grade level and has improved her grades in math and reading.

Alia, is a 7th grade student that had all F’s and D’s. We tutored her in the areas she was struggling in, which were math and science. Her mother and father involvement was a crucial part of her success being that she had recently encountered a devastating abuse situation and she had tried to commit suicide. When she entered the program she had a 1.3 GPA. We worked with the whole family to address matters in the home and school. Alia worked hard to improve her grades by completing assignments and homework. She improved her grades in math and science. She was able to turn her situation around and now she has a 3.1 GPA.